Paperback A Student's Companion for The St. Martin's Guide to Writing
First Edition   ©2019

A Student's Companion for The St. Martin's Guide to Writing

Rise B. Axelrod (University of California, Riverside) , Charles R. Cooper (University of California, San Diego) , Wallace Cleaves

  • ISBN-10: 1-319-23404-6; ISBN-13: 978-1-319-23404-1; Format: Study Guide, 160 pages

This new supplement is designed for anyone who needs a little extra help to write successfully on the college level. The text includes

  • material for student success, including support for building confidence, managing time effectively, and writing ethically
  • sentence guides, rubrics, and activities to help students develop, draft, and revise writing projects for each chapter in Part 1 of The St. Martin’s Guide to Writing
  • sentence guides for academic writing, including for presenting others’ views, presenting your own views, and putting the two together to write persuasive academic arguments
  • editing activities for students who want some extra practice in correcting common writing problems from identifying and correcting comma splices and fragments to editing for style

This Student’s Companion is the perfect text for students taking a co-requisite (or ALP) writing course.