Third Edition   ©2016

LaunchPad for Using and Interpreting Statistics

Eric W. Corty (The Pennsylvania State University)

  • ISBN-10: 1-319-02924-8; ISBN-13: 978-1-319-02924-1; Format: LaunchPad

An interactive e-book with book-specific interactive media brings together all student learning resources in one location.
DIY, created by Eric Corty and included in each chapter, lets students test their understanding of important concepts by conducting their own experiments and interpreting the results.

LearningCurve adaptive quizzing offers individualized question sets and feedback (linked to the e-book) based on each student’s correct and incorrect responses.

The Statistical Video Series (StatClips, StatClips Examples, and Statistically Speaking "Snapshots") illustrates key statistical concepts and helps students visualize statistics in real-world scenarios.

StatsClips video tutorials combine interesting scenarios, dynamic animation, and creator Dr. Alan Dabney’s clear and thoughtful explanation of key statistical concepts

Statistical tools, including StatTutor tutorials, Applets, CrunchIt statistical software, and all data sets for the book

An easy-to-use Gradebook provides a clear window on performance for the whole class, for individual students, and for individual assignments

The streamlined interface helps students manage their schedule of assignments. 24/7 help is accessible from a link in the upper right hand corner.

Optional pre-built units, curated by the book’s authors or other experienced educators, offer a readymade set of assignments for each chapter or module. Assign some or all of the units, customize units to suit your course, or choose not to use them and build a course from scratch.

The Resources link gives instructors quick access to book-specific teaching support materials (PowerPoint sets, textbook graphics, lecture and activity suggestions, solutions manuals, test banks, and more)

Easy LMS integration into any school’s learning management system means your gradebook and roster are always in sync. LaunchPad also works independently outside of LMS systems.