Third Edition   ©2015

LaunchPad for Cowen's Modern Principles of Macroeconomics (Six Months Access)

Tyler Cowen , Alex Tabarrok

  • ISBN-10: 1-319-03595-7; ISBN-13: 978-1-319-03595-2; Format: LaunchPad
LaunchPad features include:

LaunchPad Units that provide the ability to build a course in minutes. LaunchPad offers selected resources compiled into ready-to-use teaching units, complete with problem sets, activities, e-Book
sections, and state-of-the-art online homework and testing. Instructors can quickly set up their course using precreated LaunchPad units for each chapter. They can also enhance LaunchPad units or create
their own original assignments, adding selections from our extensive resource library of questions and activities, and their own materials as well.

LearningCurve: A popular student resource, LearningCurve is an adaptive quizzing engine that automatically adjusts questions to the student’s mastery level. With LearningCurve activities, each
student follows a unique path to understanding the material. The more questions a student answers correctly, the more difficult the questions become. Each question is written specifically for the text and
is linked to the relevant e-Book section. LearningCurve also provides a personal study plan for students as well as complete metrics for instructors. Proven to raise student performance, LearningCurve serves as an ideal formative assessment and learning tool. For detailed information, visit

Clear, consistent interface: LaunchPad integrates and unifies a consistent series of resources—
LaunchPad units, the e-Book, media, assessment tools, instructor materials, and other content—to a
degree unmatched by other online learning systems.

Robust, interactive e-Book: The e-Book offers powerful study tools for students and easily customizable features for instructors. Our simple note-taking tool allows instructors to post notes, hyperlinks, content and more with a few simple clicks. Students can also take their own notes and can view all notes within each chapter to allow for easy study and review. Students can also highlight, access a glossary, and enlarge images within the text.

Powerful online quizzing and homework: In addition to the LaunchPad units, instructors can create
their own assignments using their own questions or drawing on quiz items within EconPortal,
  • The complete test bank for the textbook for use in creating exams, quizzes, or homework problems.Instructors can use built-in filters and settings to ensure the right questions are chosen and displayedto their preferences.
  • The end-of-chapter problem sets from the textbook which are carefully edited and available in a selfgraded format—perfect for in-class quizzes and homework assignments.
  • Electronically gradable graphing problems using a robust graphing engine. Students will be asked to draw their response to a question, and the software will automatically grade that response. Graphing questions are tagged to appropriate textbook sections and range in difficulty level and skill.