Launchpad LaunchPad for the Bedford Guide for College Writers with Reader, Research Manual, and Handbook
Eleventh Edition   ©2017

LaunchPad for the Bedford Guide for College Writers with Reader, Research Manual, and Handbook

X. J. Kennedy , Dorothy M. Kennedy , Marcia F. Muth (University of Colorado at Denver)

  • ISBN-10: 1-319-04678-9; ISBN-13: 978-1-319-04678-1; Format: LaunchPad

Reviewing and Reflecting
The new Reviewing and Reflecting feature that appears at the end of each chapter in Parts Two and Three includes an additional component in Launch-Pad: an automatically graded quiz that assesses com-prehension of the chapter’s key concepts.
Learning by Doing Activities
Most LaunchPad chapters in A Writer’s Guide include one or two additional Learning by Doing activities de-signed for an online learning environment.
Ch. 1 • Analyzing Audience
Ch. 2 • Reading Online
Ch. 4 • Recalling from Music
Ch. 5 • Analyzing Advertisements
Ch. 6 • Analyzing Interviews
Ch. 7 • Comparing and Contrasting Experiences of a Major Event
Ch. 8 • Analyzing Causes and Effects
Ch. 9 • Analyzing Logic, Writing Your Representative
Ch. 10 • Proposing a Solution to a Local Problem
Ch. 11 • Evaluating Film
Ch. 12 • Finding Credible Sources
Ch. 13 • Recommending Fiction to a Friend
Ch. 14 • Analyzing the Web Site for Your Campus
Ch. 15 • Tracking Your Time Online
Ch. 16 • Using Visuals
Ch. 17 • Considering Job Advertisements
Ch. 19 • Brainstorming from a Video
Ch. 20 • Analyzing a Thesis
Ch. 21 • Identifying Topic Sentences, Identifying Transitions
Ch. 22 • Editing Sentences
Ch. 24 • Researching Genre
GenreMultimodal Learning from Other Writers Texts
In LaunchPad, the Learning from Other Writers feature in many Part Two and Part Three chapters in-cludes a multimodal text with questions for analysis.
Ch. 4 • Howie Chackowicz, The Game Ain’t Over ’til the Fatso Man Sings [Audio]
Ch. 5 • Multiple Photographers, Observing the Titanic: Past and Present [Visual Essay]
Ch. 6 • Tiana Chavez, ASU Athletes Discuss Superstitions [Video]
Ch. 7 • National Geographic Editors, Hurricane Katrina Pictures: Then & Now, Ruin & Rebirth [Visual Essay]
Ch. 8 • Brian Hurst, How Your Aggressive Driving Neg-atively Impacts the Environment [Infographic]Ch. 9 • UNICEF Editors, Dirty Water Campaign [Video]
Ch. 10 • Casey Neistat, Texting While Walking [Video]
Ch. 11 • Consumer Reports Web Editors, Best Vanilla Ice Cream [Video]
Ch. 12 • Celebrity Culture Research Cluster: Cary Tennis, Why Am I Obsessed with Celebrity Gossip?; Karen Sternheimer, Celebrity Relationships: Why Do We Care?; Tom Ashbrook and Ty Burr, The Strange Power of Celebrity; Timothy J. Bertoni and Patrick D. Nolan, Dead Men Do Tell Tales [Text, Audio, Video]
Ch. 14 • Shannon Kintner, Charlie Living with Autism [Student Visual Essay]
Ch. 16 • Frank Deford, Mind Games: Football and Head Injuries [Audio]
Reading Comprehension Quizzes
In LaunchPad, every reading in Book 1 (with the exception of student essays) is accompanied by an automatically graded reading comprehension quiz.
LearningCurve is an adaptive, formative quizzing engine with activities on critical reading, vocabulary, main ideas, supporting details, and organizational patterns.
Reading Comprehension Quizzes
In LaunchPad, every reading in Book 2 is accompa-nied by an automatically graded reading comprehen-sion quiz.
Learning by Doing
In LaunchPad, most chapters in Book 3 include an additional Learning by Doing activity designed for an online learning environment.
Ch. 30 • Narrowing Online Research
Ch. 31 • Comparing Google and Database Searches
Ch. 32 • Evaluating Online Sources
Ch. 33 • Practicing with Online Sources
Ch. 34 • Capturing Information in Your Notes
Ch. 35 • Practicing Beginnings
LearningCurve activities cover evaluating, integrating, and acknowledging sources in MLA and APA style.
Exercise Central
Customizable research exercises are available in Exer-cise Central, a searchable quiz bank.
LearningCurve activities cover grammar, usage, and punctuation.
Exercise Central
Customizable exercises on grammar, punctuation, and style are available in Exercise Central, a searchable quiz bank.