Third Edition   ©2016

LaunchPad for Discovering Statistics (Twelve Month Access)

Daniel T. Larose (Central Connecticut State University)

  • ISBN-10: 1-319-04725-4; ISBN-13: 978-1-319-04725-2; Format: LaunchPad

An interactive e-Book combining a complete, online version of the textbook with digital assets linked at point of use.

LearningCurve provides students and instructors with powerful adaptive quizzing, a game-like format, direct links to the e-Book, and instant feedback.

Statboard Examples illustrating difficult topics through stepped-out whiteboard explanations.

Statistical Software offerings include W.H.Freeman’s own CrunchIt!®, powered by R, and JMP Student Edition. Both options include pre-loaded data sets.

New Video Technology Manuals available for TI-83/84 calculators, Minitab, Excel, JMP, SPSS, R, Rcmdr, and CrunchIt!® provide brief instructions for using specific statistical software through short video clips.


  • Statistical Video Series
  • StatTutor tutorials
  • Statistical Applets
  • Stats@Work Simulations
  • EESEE case studies