Launchpad LaunchPad for The American Promise and The American Promise Value Edition (Six Month Access)
Seventh Edition   ©2017

LaunchPad for The American Promise and The American Promise Value Edition (Six Month Access)

A History of the United States

James L. Roark (Emory University) , Michael P. Johnson (Johns Hopkins University) , Patricia Cline Cohen (University of California, Santa Barbara) , Sarah Stage (Arizona State University) , Susan M. Hartmann (The Ohio State University)

  • ISBN-10: 1-319-06204-0; ISBN-13: 978-1-319-06204-0; Format: LaunchPad

The feature program includes new and revised features that emphasize skills-based learning. “Making Historical Arguments,” offers active activities, and demonstrate to students how historians make and support historical arguments. With “Analyzing Historical Evidence,” will practice skills obtained in the “Making Historical Arguments” through analysis of text and visual sources. “Beyond America’s Borders” continues to offer students a global perspective on the narrative’s themes. Collectively these features provide a range of new topics and content that includes a new focus on the weak opposition to the African slave trade in the 18th century; a nuanced look at reactions to the  Boston Port Act outside Massachusetts; an examination of the nation’s first formal declaration of war;  attention to Ida B. Wells and her campaign to stop lynching; a spotlight on FDR’s use of New Deal programs to rebuild the navy during the 1930s; an exploration of the failure of the ERA; and much more.  

Highlights of the revised narrative include coverage of Supreme Court decisions on campaign financing and same-sex marriage; updated information about immigration; 2015 changes to the No Child Left Behind law; the rise of ISIS; the Iran nuclear deal; and the opening to Cuba. 

New source-based questions in the test bank and in the LearningCurve adaptive learning tool in LaunchPad give instructors easier ways to test students on their understanding of sources in the book.

Questions in the test bank can now be sorted by chapter learning objectives. Because learning objectives are keyed to the major sections of each chapter, this new ability to sort allows instructors to test portions of the chapters, making it easier to see what major concepts students need to work on. Details from images and excerpts from the documents are provided to students for easy of reference as they answer the questions.

25% of the art in this edition is new.

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