Second Edition   ©2016

LaunchPad for Goolsbee's Microeconomics (Six-Month Access)

Austan Goolsbee (University of Chicago) , Steven Levitt (University of Chicago) , Chad Syverson (University of Chicago)

  • ISBN-10: 1-319-06311-X; ISBN-13: 978-1-319-06311-5; Format: LaunchPad


LearningCurve is an adaptive quizzing engine that automatically adjusts questions to the student’s mastery level. With LearningCurve activities, each student follows a unique path to understanding the material. The more questions a student answers correctly, the more difficult the questions become. Each question is written specifically for the text and is linked to the relevant e-Book section. LearningCurve also provides a personal study plan for students as well as complete metrics for instructors. Proven to raise student performance, LearningCurve serves as an ideal formative assessment and learning tool. For detailed information, visit
NEW Figure It Out Tutorials
New to this edition, these tutorials expand on the text’s popular feature of the same name and guide students through the process of applying economic analysis and using math to solve select Figure It Out problems found in the text. These detailed, worked-out problems will better prepare students to complete the end-of-chapter exercises and questions found on quizzes and exams. The tutorials include thorough feedback and video explanations, providing students with interactive assistance for each step.

eFigure Animations
Based on key figures from the text, the narrated eFigure animations walk students through important graphical concepts of intermediate micro. These animations are embedded in the e-Book and are also available as assignable activities, accompanied with multiple-choice assessment.

Online Calculus Appendices, Figure It Outs, and End-of-Chapter Problems
In addition to the five in-text appendices, ten additional calculus appendices are available online for students and instructors. These appendices include examples and Figure It Out problems, which are often the same as the algebra-based ones in the chapter. All of the calculus appendices are linked in the e-Book. In addition, the e-Book contains calculus versions of Figure It Out problems and end-of-chapter problems.


Lecture Notes with Teaching Tips
Linda Ghent (Eastern Illinois University) has developed detailed lecture notes covering all of the chapters of Microeconomics 2e. These lecture notes contain teaching tips and additional Figure It Out problems. Instructors can use these to prepare their lectures, and they can reproduce whatever pages they choose as handouts for students.

Solutions Manual
Debbie Evercloud (University of Colorado Denver) has updated the Solutions Manual for all of the end-of-chapter problems found in the text. Instructors can choose to make these detailed solutions available to their students. 

Test Bank
The Test Bank makes building tests easy with multiple-choice and short-answer problems covering each chapter of the text. For the second edition, the Test Bank also includes calculus-based problems to accompany the content found in the book’s calculus appendices. The Test Bank provides a wide range of questions appropriate for assessing your students’ comprehension, interpretation, analysis, and synthesis skills.

Lecture Slides
The lecture slides feature animated graphs with careful explanations and additional Figure It Outs, applications, data, and helpful notes to the instructor.

Graphing Questions
As a further question bank for instructors building assignments and tests, the electronically gradable graphing problems utilize our own robust graphing engine. In these problems, students will be asked to draw their response to a question, and the software will automatically grade that response. Graphing questions are tagged to appropriate textbook sections and range in difficulty and skill level.

Pre-Built Homework Assignments
Each LaunchPad unit concludes with a pre-built assignment, providing instructors with a curated set of multiple-choice and graphing questions that can be easily assigned for practice or graded assessment.