Launchpad LaunchPad for Understanding the American Promise (Twelve Month Access)
Third Edition   ©2017

LaunchPad for Understanding the American Promise (Twelve Month Access)

A History

James L. Roark (Emory University) , Michael P. Johnson (Johns Hopkins University)

  • ISBN-10: 1-319-06387-X; ISBN-13: 978-1-319-06387-0; Format: LaunchPad

  Chapter-wide pedagogical tools help students develop historical understanding and critical thinking skills and focus on the relevant themes and events in U.S. history. Each major section poses engaging questions, provides a chronology for understanding change over time, and includes definitions of key terms in the margins. Chapter locators remind students where they are in the reading, and new Marginal Questions offer skills-based assessments of the chapter’s major ideas.

Innovative five-step chapter reviews help students build historical skills while retaining key content. In step one, students identify the chapter’s key terms and explain their significance. In step two, they work on understanding the connections—cause and effect, change over time, compare and contrast—among the chapter’s major ideas. Step three helps students pull it all together with analytical, synthetic questions. Step four gives students the opportunity to explain in their own words with an active recitation exercise. Finally, step five asks students to make connections between the past and present day.

Voices of individuals make history memorable by putting a human face on historical events. The words of hundreds of Americans — explorers, abolitionists, industrialists, soldiers, feminists, civil rights activists, politicians — highlight human agency and make the narrative engaging and meaningful for students.

The clear political organization frames an accessible, engaging narrative. With a text animated by the voices of hundreds of ordinary and extraordinary Americans, students get a clear view of how human agency affected the political arc of American history. Whether in print or e-book formats, a strong narrative stands at the core of the book.

A dynamic design and rich map and art program support the text’s active learning focus. The book’s contemporary and dynamic look appeals to students without distracting them. Images are tied to the narrative to further student understanding, and over 165 maps enhance students’ geographical knowledge and encourage active engagement with the text.

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