Launchpad LaunchPad for Statistics for the Behavioral Sciences (Six-Month Access)
Fourth Edition   ©2017

LaunchPad for Statistics for the Behavioral Sciences (Six-Month Access)

Susan A. Nolan (Seton Hall University) , Thomas Heinzen (William Paterson University)

  • ISBN-10: 1-319-06737-9; ISBN-13: 978-1-319-06737-3; Format: LaunchPad

An interactive e-book brings together the resources students need, including:

  • Choosing the Correct Statistical Test--a new digital activity in which students are presented with various statistical findings from a new data set (such as the World Happiness Report) for Chapters 10-18. Students must then apply their knowledge of hypothesis testing to identify the correct statistical analysis that could have been used to generate those findings. With over 20 activities, students will have ample opportunity to put their knowledge to the test in this engaging new way.
  • LearningCurve adaptive quizzing offers individualized question sets and feedback (linked to the e-book) for each student based on his or her correct and incorrect responses.
  • The Statistical Video Series (StatClips, StatClips Examples, and Statistically Speakingv" Snapshots") illustrates key statistical concepts and helps students visualize statistics in real-world scenarios.
  • StatsClips video tutorials combine interesting scenarios, dynamic animation, and creator Dr. Alan Dabney’s clear and thoughtful explanation of key statistical concepts
  • Statistical tools, including StatTutor tutorials, Applets, CrunchIt statistical software, and all data sets for the book