Psychology in Modules
Twelfth Edition   ©2018

Psychology in Modules

David G. Myers (Hope College) , C. Nathan DeWall (University of Kentucky)

  • ISBN-10: 1-319-06803-0; ISBN-13: 978-1-319-06803-5; Format: e-Book Agency

Here’s what students are writing to the authors…

Your text goes above and beyond; your command of language, the occasional witty remarks and puns, the frequent inclusion of concrete psychological experiments pertaining to the respective subject--- I often found myself nodding my head while reading along, as I felt like the information I was taking in was substantiated with real-life applications.

  • Sabrina Halavi, Santa Monica College

This is one of the best textbooks I've read, and thank you for making it so user friendly. It's very relatable, and it's actually my favorite textbook. My mom is a psychiatrist and I recommended it to her!

  • Sarah Altman-Ezzard, Vassar College

A better textbook could not have been chosen for this course. I have worked hard in this course, but I am already feeling that I am going to miss it when it is done. I can hardly return this book (rental), plus all the notes on the sides! I should count the "wow"s I have written along these pages…!!

  • Viviana Rose, Angelo State University

I wanted to email you to say thank you, and that I think your textbook is absolutely fantastic. I have never enjoyed reading a textbook so much. Thanks for writing such an excellent book and helping to make my learning experience fun and effective.

  • Maia Adar, Claremont McKenna College

You use personal, concrete, and realistic examples. I enjoy the fact that you referred to personal experiences throughout the text. As a college kid, I was surprised because most, if not all, textbooks feel as if they were written by robots. Nevertheless, I wanted to take a moment and thank you for opening my eyes to such a wonderful field of study and writing a textbook that was not only aesthetically pleasing, but also an understandable read. Keep up the excellent work.

  • Samuel James Zara, University of Texas at Austin

It is beautifully written, and much more entertaining than most other textbooks. I absolutely loved your use of quotes and cartoons as well as personal anecdotes to relay your points. It has made me much more appreciative of the field of psychology and has inspired me to lead a better lifestyle. I just wanted to thank you so very much. I've gained so many insights into my life. I am grateful for having taken this class and having the opportunity to read your textbook.

  • Uphoria Blackham, University of New Mexico

And here’s what instructors have to say about Psychology…

"I believe that this textbook is one of the finest textbooks that I have used during my 40 years of being a professor."

  • James Clopton, Texas Tech University

"This has been a fantastic textbook for my courses, and the overwhelming majority of students have told me that they actually like this textbook. Honestly, that says a great deal!"

  • Linda Seiford, Normandale Community College

"I’ve been teaching Intro Psych for 29 years, and a few years ago I decided that the text I was using, though excellent and comprehensive, was too detailed and overwhelming for a first-year course comprised mainly of first-year students. By sheer chance, I stumbled upon the Myers text, and leafed through it. I was so enthralled that I requested a copy, read the entire text and in 2012 adopted it for my courses. The major attraction is that the text is written in such a ‘student-friendly’ manner with examples that they can relate to. The text is not ‘stiff’, intimidating, overwhelming or laden with excessive detail. You feel as though you’re reading a ‘story’ rather than technical scientific materials."

  • Rebecca Jubis, York University

"I have used this book for a number of years and it continues to be a hit with my students."

  • Lisa Sinclair, University of Winnipeg

"I really enjoy this text. I’ve been using it for a few years now, and the best part about it is the incorporation of the SQ3R study method. I also use almost all of the online resources in some capacity. They have a really wide variety compared to many of the textbooks I have reviewed. Good use of images, clearly organized, good humor at times, great retrieval practice."

  • Erin Skinner, Langara College

"Overall, this text works for me. I enjoy reading David Myers’ work. I appreciate his sense of humor and his integrity. The depth of coverage is so complete that I can draw from certain materials to supplement other upper-level course, too. One of the absolute best features of the text is the supplemental materials that come with the Instructor Resources."

  • Elizabeth Freeman, University of South Carolina Upstate

"I continue to be very pleased with this textbook. With a very illustrative layout, I believe it plays well to the visual learning aspect of this class, and makes it easy for students to remember a page where the info was. It is also written in a fun, easy-to-navigate narrative."

  • Donald Rickgauer, California State University, Sacramento

"Overall, this text has provided a wonderful foundation for my classes."

  • Megan Kuhl, Louisiana Tech University