Launchpad LaunchPad for An Insider's Guide to Academic Writing (Six Months Access)
Second Edition   ©2019

LaunchPad for An Insider's Guide to Academic Writing (Six Months Access)

Susan Miller-Cochran (University of Arizona) , Roy Stamper (North Carolina State University) , Stacey Cochran (University of Arizona)

  • ISBN-10: 1-319-10428-2; ISBN-13: 978-1-319-10428-3; Format: LaunchPad

An  Insider's Guide to Academic Writing’s emphasis on building transferrable skills by which students analyze and understand the specifics of discipline-specific customs, conventions, and conversations moves FYC into the twenty-first century. 
Sonia Apgar Begert, Olympia College

The SLR framework represents one of the major strengths of the book. It is a unique approach to identifying how presentation of information and use of language varies across disciplinary communities. 
Polina Chemishanova, University of North Carolina—Pembroke

An Insider’s Guide skillfully introduces students to knowledge and skills they need to succeed as academic writers and researchers. Instructors who teach [WID-based composition courses] and especially those who are new to these courses would find this text reassuring and informative
Alice Myatt, University of Mississippi

One of the strengths are the “Insider’s Views” from professors in non-English disciplines, making writing in the disciplines real and urgent to students.
Hui Wu, University of Texas, Tyler

The style makes complex ideas readily accessible for college freshman. Moreover, the text discusses the various paths through higher education and directly address students at community colleges and various types of colleges and universities
Jessica Saxon, Craven Community College