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Empowering College and Career Success

Paul A. Gore (Xavier University) , Wade Leuwerke (Drake University) , A. J. Metz (University of Utah)

  • ISBN-10: 1-319-11687-6; ISBN-13: 978-1-319-11687-3; Format: e-Book Agency, 416 pages

Holistic, strengths-based approach with a balanced integration of motivational, study, and life skills. Instructors may feel like they have to choose between more academic, research-based approaches and more motivational/soft-skills approaches when looking at course materials. With Connections, you can have it all! Written by counseling psychologists and noted college success experts Paul Gore, Wade Leuwerke, and A.J. Metz, it’s built on a foundation in positive psychology and a strengths-based approach, covers all topics typically taught in the course, and seamlessly integrates motivational skills, study skills, and life skills—and is backed by classic and contemporary research.

ACES—the Academic and Career Excellence System, gives students, instructors, and administrators the data they need to succeed.
Starting on the first day of class, Connections helps students develop a thoughtful, strengths-based understanding of themselves through ACES, the Academic and Career Excellence System, an online self-assessment. Students take ACES at the start of their college success course to get a snapshot of their attitudes, skills, habits, and opportunities for improvement. Throughout the book, students have the opportunity to reflect on their ACES results. Instructors can use ACES data to drive conversations in and outside the classroom while administrators can use it to learn about their students and assess and allocate resources in a more in-depth and comprehensive way than ever before. ACES is available within LaunchPad for Connections which can be packaged with the text or purchased on its own.

Prominent coverage of critical thinking and goal setting helps your students achieve vital skills for college and life.
Chapter 2, Critical Thinking and Goal Setting, presents these essential skills up front. Self-assessments and activities throughout the text encourage students to think critically about their work and themselves. Chapters 2-14 prompt students to develop their own Personal Success Plan. Praised by reviewers, student use these class-tested, concrete steps to set goals, achieve them, and take charge of their own successes.

Strong emphasis on college and career connections points your students in the right direction.
Full sections in each chapter illustrate how topics apply to the world of work; a full chapter on academic and career planning helps students begin creating their own personal roadmaps to success; "College Success = Career Success" activities at the end of each chapter further emphasizes the college/career connection; and a special appendix focuses on job searches.

Content and features that connect with students' academic and life plans.
Students often wonder how the material they learn in this class connects to what they're doing in their other classes – and their careers. Connections addresses this question head on:

  • "Connections" prompts integrated throughout each chapter encourage students to think about how the chapter’s ideas connect to their personal experiences, current coursework, and career goals.
  • Voices of Experience. Each chapter includes two Voices of Experience narratives – one from a student and one from an employee. These real, first-person stories show how chapter concepts affect the lives of college students and graduates.
  • A strong foundation in research. Gore, Leuwerke, and Metz’s experiences as counseling psychologists make them uniquely qualified to write this text. Research backs the authors’ guidance to students throughout, and the "Spotlight on Research" feature introduces original research to students in an accessible way, with reflection questions that help students connect the findings to their own experiences.

LaunchPad for Connections
offers powerful online content and tools.
LaunchPad, our online course space, includes the ACES student self-assessment, and combines the interactive e-Book with high-quality multimedia content and video tools, a gradebook that offers a window into your students' performance-- individually and as a group—and more. Use LaunchPad on its own or integrate it with your school’s learning management system so your class is always on the same page. LaunchPad for Connections can be packaged with the text or purchased on its own.

A wide array of instructor materials
include an Instructor's Manual, a Computerized Test Bank, lecture slides, and an Instructor's Annotated Edition featuring suggestions for activities, discussion prompts, writing prompts, and further reading materials.