Introductory Chemistry & SaplingPlus for Introductory Chemistry (Twelve Months Access)
First Edition   ©2018

Introductory Chemistry & SaplingPlus for Introductory Chemistry (Twelve Months Access)

Kevin Revell

  • ISBN-10: 1-319-19556-3; ISBN-13: 978-1-319-19556-4; Format: Demand Pack, 640 pages

"A huge improvement compared to my current text."
 – Premilla Arasasingham, Moorpark College

"This text will be a step above the rest for the students with no chemistry background."
– Stacey-Ann Benjamin, Broward College

"I am very pleased to see the amount of multimedia elements in this text and some of them are very helpful and potentially solve a huge problem (e.g. math deficiency) we see in the classroom."
– Chen Zhou, University of Central Missouri

"I am excited that this project is different from every other Introductory Chemistry product I have seen. I like the emphasis on active learning."
– Brandon Tenn, Merced College

"It will both challenge and engage the students to apply concepts to real life situations as I proceed through each topic."
– Sujatha Krishnaswamy, Chandler Gilbert Community College

"The chapters are well written and have a lot of features which should increase student interest and help them understand the concepts."
– Harold Trimm, SUNY Broome

"This chapter, indeed all chapters, are nicely written. I really like the introduction – it is one of the best I’ve seen at any level of intro chemistry for this subject."
– Simon Bott, University of Houston

"Clear discussions of material covered in each chapter, excellent problems at the end of the chapters."
– Gerald Rowland, University of Mississippi