Achieve Read & Practice for Ways of the World: A Brief Global History, Value Edition (Six-Months Access)
Fourth Edition   ©2019

Achieve Read & Practice for Ways of the World: A Brief Global History, Value Edition (Six-Months Access)

Robert W. Strayer , Eric W. Nelson

  • ISBN-10: 1-319-21683-8; ISBN-13: 978-1-319-21683-2; Format: Read and Practice

"Ways of the World has been an amazing resource for me as I teach the world history course for the first time."
--Julia Gaffield, Georgia State University

"Ways of the World is an excellent, engaging textbook for the world history course. In addition, the book incorporates the history of women as extensively and seamlessly as any general textbook I have seen."
--Gregory T Cushman, University of Kansas

"Ways of the World provides a readable and engaging historical narrative supplemented by readily available primary sources. And in LaunchPad, students benefit from LearningCurve, which directs them to specific page numbers if they get stuck, and from map quizzes that connect historical geography to the narrative. These functions save me time because they are auto-graded."
--Kathryn Johnson, Northern Michigan University

"The authors set the stage for students to study broad historical topics and, through questions in the margins, guide students to read and think critically about the past. The ‘Working with Evidence’ sections at the end of each chapter offer excerpts that are easily incorporated into classroom discussions."
--Rebecca Seaman, Elizabeth City State University

"This is the best textbook for world history. It is informed by arguments and approaches of world historians. It covers major developments in world history and focuses on a few themes, providing some evidence for each from different parts of the world. It does not cover every place and time, which makes it relatively short and accessible. The sources are excellent, with clear introductions and questions that help students connect them to the chapter."
--Elizabeth Campbell, Daemen College

"Ways of the World balances content coverage with illuminating and memorable detail better than others I have seen or used. I like the editable quizzes and especially LearningCurve. Some students tell me it was vital to cementing their learning."
--Dean Pavlakis, Carroll College

"Ways of the World strikes a good balance between providing the necessary facts of world history with broader ideas and concepts."
--Erin O’Donnell, East Stroudsburg University

"Ways of the World is cutting edge in terms of the secondary literature it draws upon. However, the authors manage to make this literature accessible and, in the process, introduce students to some of the key historical questions animating historians today."
--Djene Bajalan, Missouri State University

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