Seventh Edition   ©2014

LaunchPad for Grotzinger's Understanding Earth (Six Month Access)

John Grotzinger (California Institute of Technology) , Thomas H. Jordan (University of Southern California)

  • ISBN-10: 1-4641-8160-8; ISBN-13: 978-1-4641-8160-3; Format: LaunchPad

Powerful adaptive quizzing, a game-like format, direct links to the e-Book, instant feedback, and the promise of better grades make using LearningCurve a no brainer. Customized quizzing tailored to each text adapts to students responses and provides material at different difficulty levels and topics based on student performance. Students love the simple yet powerful system and instructors can access class reports to help refine lecture content.
A Fully interactive e-Book

Every LaunchPad e-Book comes with powerful study tools for students, video and multimedia content, and easy customization for instructors. Students can search, highlight, and bookmark, making it easier to study and access key content. And teachers can make sure their class gets just the book they want to deliver: customize and rearrange chapters, add and share notes and discussions, and link to quizzes, activities, and other resources.
Intuitive and Useful Analytics
The gradebook quickly and easily allows you to look up performance metrics for your whole class, for individual students and for individual assignments. Having ready access to this information can help in both lecture prep and in making office hours more productive and efficient.
Assignable Media Resources with Assessment
Each LaunchPad incorporates a wide range of interactive resources developed exclusively for the course, including tutorials, animations, videos, activities, and more. All of these resources can be assigned through LaunchPad, with assessment results reporting directly into the gradebook.
Video Exercises, based on videos by Dr. Jerry Magloughlin of Colorado State, include multiple-choice, matching, and short-answer questions, with results feeding into LaunchPad’s gradebook.
help students visualize the dynamic processes of physical geology.

AGI partners with prominent geologists and W. H. Freeman to provide these real-world inquiry-based assessments. Students use real-time data from NOAA and USGS to answer questions about earthquakes, volcanoes, floods, and more, and also apply the data to potential future occurrences.
Google Earth® Exercises explore geologic processes in specific locations, working through a series of progressively more detailed questions.
Image Map Activities
use figures and photographs from the text to assess key ideas. Students must click the appropriate section(s) of the image to answer the question.