Eleventh Edition   ©2015

LaunchPad for Griffith's Introduction to Genetic Analysis (6 month access)

Anthony J.F. Griffiths (University of British Columbia) , Susan R. Wessler (University of California, Riverside) , Sean B. Carroll (University of Wisconsin; Howard Hughes Medical Institute) , John Doebley

  • ISBN-10: 1-4641-8805-X; ISBN-13: 978-1-4641-8805-3; Format: LaunchPad

Developed with extensive feedback from instructors and students, LaunchPad offers:

Pre-built Units for each chapter, curated by experienced educators, with media for each chapter organized and ready to assign or customize to suit your course.

All online resources for the text in one location, including:
LearningCurve adaptive quizzing (see below)—now with more questions at all levels

    New Problem-solving videos—step-by-step, whiteboard-style demonstrations of problems students often find difficult.

      Animations of genetic processes and experiments (six new)—every animation now includes assessment questions. Icons in the text showing students when to review them.

        Updated Unpacking the Problem problem-solving tutorials, on topics students struggle with, including:

          • Chi-square Analysis (Chs. 4/5)
          • Pedigree Analysis (Ch. 6)
          • Epistasis (Ch. 6)
          • Molecular Biology Techniques (Ch. 10)
          • Mutations on Gene Expression (Ch. 12)
          • Development (Ch. 13)
          • Population Genetics (Ch. 18)
          • Quantitative Genetics (Ch. 19)

              Online versions of the new edition’s expanded end-of-chapter problem sets, plus and larger test bank

              Intuitive and useful analytics, with a Gradebook that reveals how the class is doing individually and as a whole.

              A streamlined and intuitive interface that lets instructors build an entire course in minutes.


              In a game-like format, LearningCurve adaptive and formative quizzing provides an effective way to get students involved in the coursework. With an expanded base of questions at all level for this edition, LearningCurve offers:

              • A unique learning path for each student, with quizzes shaped by each individual’s correct and incorrect answers.
              • A Personalized Study Plan, to guide students’ preparation for class and for exams.
              • Feedback for each question with live links to relevant e-book pages, guiding students to the reading they need to do to improve their areas of weakness.