Eighth Edition   ©2018

The Basic Practice of Statistics

David S. Moore (Purdue University) , William I. Notz (The Ohio State University) , Michael A. Fligner (University of California at Santa Cruz)

  • ISBN-10: 1-319-04257-0; ISBN-13: 978-1-319-04257-8; Format: Cloth Text, 654 pages

David Moore and his esteemed coauthors transformed educational statistics by writing texts that elevate systematic ways of thinking about data over mere techniques and formulas. This philosophical principle of analyzing data and emphasizing ways of thinking over techniques and formulas is the underpinning of each of text. The authors present methods of basic statistics in a way that emphasizes working with data and mastering statistical reasoning, problem solving (rather than on methods), and drawing conclusions from data.  Lastly, real data -- not realistic data – both engages students and enables students to experience actual patterns (or lack thereof).                         


Ideal for two semesters

Final IPS 9e Cover
Introduction to the Practice of Statistics, 9E
Moore, McCabe, & Craig

Introduction to the Practice of Statistics introduces readers to statistics as it is used in practice and treats statistics as the science of data. 



PSBE Cover
Practice of Statistics for Business and Economics, 4E
Moore, McCabe, Alwan, and Craig

Practice of Statistics for Business and Economics teaches essential introductory topics, heavily emphasizing inference from data, across examples and exercises from business- and economics-related fields.    



SCC Cover
Statistics: Concepts and Controversies, 9E
Moore & Notz

Statistics: Concepts and Controversies presents statistics to “nonmathematical” readers as an aid to clear thinking in personal and professional life. The focus is on statistical thinking. 



  PSLS Cover Image
The Practice of Statistics in the Life Sciences, 4E
Baldi & Moore

Practice of Statistics in the Life Sciences teaches essential introductory topics in the context of the life sciences, drawing examples and exercises the fields of nursing, public health, and allied health.