Third Edition   ©2016

Discovering Statistics

Daniel T. Larose (Central Connecticut State University)

  • ISBN-10: 1-4641-4200-9; ISBN-13: 978-1-4641-4200-0; Format: Cloth Text, 910 pages

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Sapling Intro Stats

Every problem counts! 

Sapling Intro Stats is an online, user-friendly instructional homework system created and supported by educators. Each question includes detailed, wrong answer feedback that targets students' misconceptions, as well as fully-worked out solutions to reinforce concepts. In short, it is homework that teaches.

Sapling Intro Stats includes the following features:  

Error-specific feedback: Every question becomes a teaching opportunity, addressing (correcting) students’ misconceptions. 

Full, detailed solutions with every question: Every question includes fully worked out solutions to reinforce concepts.

Personalized Instructor Support: We match educators with a Sapling Learning Client Success Specialist—a Ph.D. or master’s-level subject expert—who provides collaboration, software expertise, and consulting to tailor each course to fit your instructional goals.

A variety of question types to build conceptual and computational understanding:  
    - Step-by-step questions: guide students through the steps of conducting statistical procedures.
    - Skill-builder questions: build skills in computing descriptive and test statistics.   
    - Conclusion or interpretation questions: develop students’ ability to interpret and make conclusions.   
    -  Visualizations: bring statistics to life and allow students to interpret and manipulate various distributions.

Rich Library of Learning Aids:   
    - Statistical Applets: Students get hands-on opportunities to familiarize themselves with important statistical concepts and procedures, in an interactive setting that allows them to manipulate variables and see the results graphically

   - Video Technology Manuals (VTM): These popular videos guide students through their statistical software use. Available for Excel, SPSS, TI-83/84 calculators, JMP, Minitab, CrunchIt!, R Cmdr, and R.

   - Math Review: This special content area provides practice with algebraic concepts and skills.

Complimentary Statistical Software:

   - CrunchIT!, Macmillan’s Web-based statistical program with a familiar Excel®-like interface helps users carry out the statistical operations and graphing needed for an introductory statistics course and saves time when working with data.   sapling logo