Eleventh Edition   ©2015


David G. Myers (Hope College) , C. Nathan DeWall (University of Kentucky)

  • ISBN-10: 1-4641-4081-2; ISBN-13: 978-1-4641-4081-5; Format: Cloth Text, 992 pages

Available in LaunchPad, the new How Would You Know activities for Psychology engage students in the scientific process, showing how psychological research begins with a question—and how key decision points can alter the meaning and value of a psychological study.  In a fun, interactive environment students learn about important aspects of research methods and analysis such as random assignment, validity, and reliability. Try the How Would You Know Activity from Chapter 5, How Would You Know If Having Children Relates to Being Happier?

MyersDeWall How Would You Know Activity Ch5

To view the How Would You Know activities available for each chapter, check out the table of contents.