Real Communication
Fourth Edition   ©2018

Real Communication

Dan O'Hair (University of Kentucky) , Mary Weimann , Dorothy Imrich Mullin (University of California, Santa Barbara) , Jason Teven (California State University, Fullerton)

  • ISBN-10: 1-319-05949-X; ISBN-13: 978-1-319-05949-1; Format: Paper Text, 624 pages

The following videos were produced specifically for this edition of Real Communication, to illuminate concepts from the brand new Chapter 2, "Communicating in a Digital Age." Each video is part of a Video Activity in LaunchPad, and is accompanied by critical-thinking questions.

Social Information Processing Theory

Topic covered in "Media Richness and Naturalness" section of Chapter 2

Context Collapse

Topic covered in "Message Privacy and Control" section of Chapter 2


Topic covered in "The Power of the Crowd" section of Chapter 2