Second Edition   ©2017

Scientific American: Psychology

Deborah Licht (Pikes Peak Community College) , Misty Hull (Pikes Peak Community College) , Coco Ballantyne

  • ISBN-10: 1-4641-9949-3; ISBN-13: 978-1-4641-9949-3; Format: Cloth Text, 680 pages

Our new Your Scientific World immersive learning activities have been created specifically for Scientific American: Psychology, 2e, and are designed to show students how psychology applies to their lives or possible careers. Your Scientific World puts the student in a role-playing scenario and asks them think critically about a concept from the chapter and how it is relevant to their lives. There is one activity per chapter and all are available via LaunchPad.

Preview the activity from Chapter 10, Gender & Sexuality below.

Table of Contents for Your Scientific World:

  • Chapter 1: Think Critically Before You "Share"
  • Chapter 2: Interning at the Tranquility Rehabilitation Center
  • Chapter 3: I Can't Recognize Our Team!
  • Chapter 4: Yawn! Your Visit to a Sleep Center
  • Chapter 5: On the Spot Therapy
  • Chapter 6: I Studied All Night for this Exam, but I Can't Remember a Thing!
  • Chapter 7: Where to Live?
  • Chapter 8: "Happy Kids" Childcare
  • Chapter 9: Be Your Own Happy
  • Chapter 10: We're Having a Baby!
  • Chapter 11: What's Your Personality?
  • Chapter 12: Stressed Out?
  • Chapter 13: Is Everything OK?
  • Chapter 14: A Little Help from My Friends
  • Chapter 15: 3R the Bottle!