University Physics for the Physical and  Life Sciences
First Edition   ©2012

University Physics for the Physical and Life Sciences

Volume II

Philip R. Kesten (Santa Clara University) , David L. Tauck (Santa Clara University)

  • ISBN-10: 1-4292-8982-1; ISBN-13: 978-1-4292-8982-5; Format: Paper Text

"I am a biologist. It was great to have examples from biological systems since physics is not my main topic." Megan Campbell, University of Ottawa 

"As a life science student, this definitely clarified the more physical terminology and explanations, while giving it in a context that was something I already understood." Alanna Mar, University of Ottawa 

"A great text that artfully combines biological and physical concepts together." Christopher Noel, University of Ottawa 

"Material is very easy to understand because of the summary tables and examples throughout the text." Michelle Chaynowski, University of Ottawa 

"VERY easy to understand." Julia Meyer, University of Ottawa 

"It was nice to see some different approaches, highlighting physics related to biological sciences. I am impressed with this text." Logan Plath, Adrian College

"The design is easy to read and pictures draw accurate connections between material and representation" Gabrielle Piazza, Adrian College

"The examples relating to medicine and biology made the topics interesting and applicable for me." Deepa Luka, University of Miami

"The explanation of concepts covered is far better than any other textbook I have used for introductory physics" Adam Burton, University of Miami

"It is more interesting and engaging then my current textbook because of the biological applications." Shushan Sargsian, University of Miami

"When I study for this physics course, I always find myself looking for help or extra reading/examples online because the course's current text is not organized well. The chapter from this reviewed text was so much easier to understand and I wish I had it for all the chapters. I definitely think this should be the future text for this course!" Jessica Sarkis, Case Western Reserve University

"It's so much better than our book" Katarina Hughes, Case Western Reserve University

"The text is very readable. I almost forgot that I was reading a textbook." Brandon Riedlinger, Case Western Reserve University

"Great book! Why don't we use this instead of our textbook?" Walid Malki, Case Western Reserve University

"The images are crisp and clear and convey the concepts well." Isadore Budnick, Case Western Reserve University

"It is a solid text." Lauren Dehan, Case Western Reserve University


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