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• ‘Night to His Day’: The Social Construction of Gender Judith Lorber
• Masculinity as Homophobia: Fear, Shame, and Silence in the Construction of Gender Identity Michael S. Kimmel
• Disability and the Justification of Inequality in American History Douglas C. Baynton
• Oppression Marilyn Frye
• Patriarchy Allan G. Johnson
• Homophobia as a Weapon of Sexism Suzanne Pharr
• Class in America—2012 Gregory Mantsios
• The Problem: Discrimination The U.S. Commission on Civil Rights
• Women in the State Police: Trouble in the Ranks Jonathan Schuppe
• Why Transgender Identity Matters Rebecca Juro
• Manhattan Store Owner Accused of Underpaying and Sexually Harassing Workers Steven Greenhouse
• National Study Finds Widespread Sexual Harassment of Students in Grades 7 to 12 Jenny Anderson
• Imagine a Country, 2012 Holly Sklar
• Gender Gap on Wages is Slow to Close Motoko Rich
• Women Losing Ground Ruth Conniff
• Lilly’s Big Day Gail Collins
• The Arab Woman and I Mona Fayad
• Pigskin, Patriarchy, and Pain Don Sabo
• Requiem for the Champ June Jordan
• Before Spring Break, The Anorexic Challenge Alex Williams
• The Case of Sharon Kowalski and Karen Thompson: Ableism, Heterosexism, and Sexism Joan L. Griscom
• The Antisuffragists: Selected Papers, 1852-1887
• United States Constitution: Thirteenth (1865), Fourteenth (1868), and Fifteenth (1870) Amendments
Bradwell v. Illinois, 1873
Minor v. Happersett, 1875
• United States Constitution: Nineteenth Amendment (1920)
Roe v. Wade, 1973
• The Equal Rights Amendment (Defeated)
• Self-Fulfilling Stereotypes Mark Snyder
• Am I Thin Enough Yet? Sharlene Hesse-Biber
• Age, Race, Class, and Sex Audre Lorde
• Feminism: A Transformational Politic bell hooks
• A New Vision of Masculinity Cooper Thompson
• Interrupting the Cycle of Oppression: The Role of Allies as Agents of Change Andrea Ayvazian
• The Strange Career of Voter Suppression Alexander Keyssar
• The Myth of Male Decline Stephanie Coontz
• Are Things What They Seem to Be? Reading Maps and Statistics Janice Monk
• Gender, Race, and Class in Silicon Valley Karen J. Hossfeld
• Daughters and Generals in the Politics of the Globalized Sneaker Cynthia Enloe


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