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Race and Ethnicity

• Racial Formations Michael Omi and Howard Winant
• The Ethics of Living Jim Crow: An Autobiographical Sketch Richard Wright
• Constructing Race, Creating White Privilege Pem Davidson Buck
• How Jews Became White Folks: And What That Says About Race in America Karen Brodkin
• Disability and the Justification of Inequality in American History Douglas C. Baynton
• Deconstructing the Underclass Herbert Gans
• Defining Racism: Can We Talk? Beverly Daniel Tatum
• Color-Blind Racism Eduardo Bonilla-Silva
• Smells Like Racism Rita Chaudhry Sethi
• White Privilege: Unpacking the Invisible Knapsack Peggy McIntosh
• Class in America—2012 Gregory Mantsios
• A Nation of None and All of the Above Sam Roberts
• A New Century: Immigration and the U.S. The Migration Policy Institute Staff, updated by Kevin Jernegan
• Impossible Subjects: Illegal Aliens and the Making of America Mae Ngai
• Los Intersticios: Recasting Moving Selves Evelyn Alsutany
• For Many Latinos, Racial Identity is More Culture than Color Mireya Navarro
• Testimony Sonny Singh
• Asian American? Sonia Shah
• The Myth of the Model Minority Noy Thrupkaew
• Personal Voices: Facing Up to Race Carrie Ching
• The Problem: Discrimination The U.S. Commission on Civil Rights
• Abercrombie Settles Class-Action Suit Associated Press
• Apparel Factory Workers were Cheated, State Says Steven Greenhouse
• Where ‘English Only’ Falls Short Stacy A. Teicher
• Blacks Vs. Latinos at Work Miriam Jordan
• Tucson’s Ousted Mexican American Studies Director Speaks: The Fight’s Not Over Julianne Hing
• My Black Skin Makes My White Coat Vanish Mana Lumumba-Kasongo
• The Segregated Classrooms of a Proudly Diverse School Jeffrey Gettleman
• On L.I., Raid Stirs Dispute Over Influx of Immigrants Bruce Lambert
• “Imagine a Country” by Holly Sklar
• Dr. King Weeps from His Grave Cornel West
• Wealth Gaps Rise to Record Highs Between Whites, Blacks, Hispanics Twenty-to-One Rakesh Kochhar, Richard Fry, and Paul Taylor
• ‘Savage Inequalities’ Revisited Bob Feldman
• Cause of Death: Inequality Alejandro Reuss
• Civilize Them with a Stick Mary Brave Bird (Crow Dog) with Richard
• Then Came the War Yuri Kochiyama
• Yellow Frank Wu
• The Arab Woman and I Mona Fayad
• Crossing the Border Without Losing Your Past Oscar Casares
• The Event of Becoming Jewelle L. Gomez
• This Person Doesn’t Sound White Ziba Kashef
• In Strangers’ Glances at Family, Tensions Linger Susan Saulny
• Family Ties and the Entanglements of Caste Joseph Berger
• The Slave Side of Sunday Dave Zirin
• Requiem for the Champ June Jordan
• C.P. Ellis Studs Terkel
• Indian Tribes: A Continuing Quest for Survival the U.S. Commission on Human Rights
• An Act for the Better Ordering and Governing of Negroes and Slaves, South Carolina, 1712
• The ‘Three-Fifths Compromise’: The U.S. Constitution, Article I, Section 2
• An Act Prohibiting the Teaching of Slaves to Read
People v. Hall, 1854
Dred Scott v. Sandford, 1857
• The Emancipation Proclamation President Abraham Lincoln
• United States Constitution: Thirteenth (1865), Fourteenth (1868), and Fifteenth (1870) Amendments
• The Black Codes W. E. B. Du Bois
• California Constitution, 1876
Elk v. Wilkins, 1884
Plessy v. Ferguson, 1896
Korematsu v. United States, 1944
Brown v. Board of Education of Topeka, 1954
• Self-Fulfilling Stereotypes Mark Snyder
• “White Lies” Maurice Berger
• Still Separate, Still Unequal: America’s Educational Apartheid Jonathan Kozol
• Masked Racism: Reflections on the Prison Industrial Complex Angela Davis
• Age, Race, Class, and Sex Audre Lorde
• Feminism: A Transformational Politic bell hooks
• Interrupting the Cycle of Oppression: The Role of Allies as Agents of Change Andrea Ayvazian
• The Strange Career of Voter Suppression Alexander Keyssar
• Best of Friends, Worlds Apart Mirta Ojito
• ‘Is this a White Country, or What?’ Lillian Rubin
• Race and Extreme Inequality Dedrick Muhammad
• Forty Acres and a Gap in Wealth Henry Louis Gates, Jr.
• Going Beyond Black and White: Hispanics in Census Pick ‘Other’ Mireya Navarro
• Shades of Belonging: Latinos and Racial Identity Sonya Tafoya
• Assigning Value to Difference Albert Memmi
• Construction of an Enemy Eleanor Stein
• Gender, Race, and Class in Silicon Valley Karen J. Hossfeld
• Race, Poverty and Globalization John A. Powell and S.P. Udayakumar
• Building Water Democracy: Peoples’ Victory Against Coca-Cola in Plachimada Vandana Shiva


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