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• Racial Formations Michael Omi and Howard Winant
• The Ethics of Living Jim Crow: An Autobiographical Sketch Richard Wright
• Constructing Race, Creating White Privilege Pem Davidson Buck
• Disability and the Justification of Inequality in American History Douglas C. Baynton
• Deconstructing the Underclass Herbert Gans
• Domination and Subordination Jean Baker Miller
• Defining Racism: ‘Can We Talk?’ Beverly Daniel Tatum
• Color-Blind Racism Eduardo Bonilla-Silva
• Smells Like Racism Rita Chaudhry Sethi
• Homophobia as a Weapon of Sexism Suzanne Pharr
• White Privilege: Unpacking the Invisible Knapsack Peggy McIntosh
• Testimony Sonny Singh
• The Problem: Discrimination U.S. Commission on Civil Rights
• Abercrombie Settles Class-Action Suit Associated Press
• Women in the State Police: Trouble in the Ranks Jonathan Schupp
• Where ‘English Only’ Falls Short Stacy A. Teicher
• Blacks Vs. Latinos at Work Miriam Jordan
• Muslim-American Running Back Off the Team at New Mexico State Matthew Rothschild
• Tennessee Judge Tells Immigrant Mothers: Learn English or Else Ellen Barr
• The Segregated Classrooms of a Proudly Diverse School Jeffrey Gettleman
• On L.I., Raid Stirs Dispute Over Influx of Immigrants Bruce Lambert
• Imagine a Country 2012 Holly Sklar
• Lilly’s Big Day Gail Collins
• Cause of Death: Inequality Alejandro Reuss
• Immigration’s Aftermath Alejandro Portes


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