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What’s Writer’s Help 2.0

It’s a handbook that speaks students’ language.

Writer’s Help 2.0 lives online because your students do. Instead of turning to popular search engines and getting vast, unvetted lists of results, your students can turn to Writer’s Help 2.0. It responds to searches by students who may or may not know composition terminology. Search results are targeted—grouped into small, smart, useful categories. And students get reliable, class-tested advice from our best-selling handbooks.

It’s easy to assign—and to track progress.

Writer’s Help 2.0 rethinks the handbook, but that doesn't mean you have to rethink how you teach your course. It's a quick reference that's also a snap to assign. You can assign students to complete exercises, respond to writing prompts, work through a documentation module, or read an entire section for homework. And as the instructor, you can see students’ progress on these assignments. 

It’s easy to use—in class or at home.

Whether you are creating assignments for your students or having your students find help on their own, Writer’s Help 2.0  is easy to use. Students can search using their own terminology and get professional advice. They can review sample papers or get information on citation. Students can even practice basic writing skills on their own.