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Take the lead in preparing your students to succeed. Whether you’ve been teaching your history course for one year or thirty, you’ve probably noticed that many of your students lack the core skills to be successful in your course. How often do students sit in class without ever picking up a pen or pencil to take notes? How often have you received the first batch of short papers only to find that many students do not know how to approach a basic writing assignment? How much time do you spend helping students with the fundamentals, such as understanding what plagiarism is, how to study for exams, or how to read a text for meaning?     

Bedford Tutorials for History is a collection of brief units, each 16 pages long and loaded with examples, that guide your students through basic skills needed for success in their history courses, freeing you to spend your class time focusing on content and interpretation. Choose one or two of the tutorials and add them to your history textbook at no additional cost.       

Bedford Select for History You can create a customized history text that include the Bedford Tutorials you choose. Visit the new Bedford Select for History database.

Available Tutorials
The following tutorials are available as custom content for your history textbook:

Using Historical Evidence Effectively
Taking Effective Notes
Learning to Read and Think Like a Historian
Working with Primary Sources
Planning and Preparing a Short Writing Assignment in History
Avoiding Plagiarism and Managing Sources
Working with Digital Databases and Sources
Planning and Preparing a Long Essay in History
Achieving Texas Student Learning Outcomes (U.S. History only)

For more information, contact your Bedford/St. Martin’s representative or Saundra Bunton