Apply for a Travel Grant

Apply for a Travel Grant

We want to help you get to those great conferences and talk about the success you’re having with Macmillan!

With Macmillan's Travel Grant Program, college or university instructors can apply for grants to be used toward expenses incurred in connection with your attendance at certain conferences or events at which your use of digital products offered by Macmillan Learning is discussed. These products include: LaunchPad, LaunchPad Solo, LearningCurve, Writer’s Help 2.0, FlipIt, Sapling Learning, Late Nite Labs or WriterKey. Applicants who are selected by Macmillan can receive grants of up to $500 each.

Applications are being accepted continuously, so please apply once you get accepted to speak at a conference.      

First, read through our Terms and Conditions.      

Then fill out the application including information on the proposed conference and your abstract for your presentation at that conference. 

If we select you as a grant recipient, we'll be happy to help you out by paying part of your way to the conference.  Please see the Terms and Conditions for complete details and requirements. Among other things, grant recipients must disclose in their presentations the fact that they have received a grant from Macmillan.