Simply Connected. Extraordinarily Affordable.

We designed LaunchPad as a resource to help students achieve better results. Our goal was to increase their confidence by providing a place where they could read, study, practice, complete homework, and more.

It is a small investment on your part to get started. The rewards pay off for everyone.

iClicker Cloud, our mobile student response system, can now be packaged with LaunchPad for the price of a latte. And our LaunchPad-iClicker integration makes it easier than ever to connect your pre-class, in-class, and post-class activities.


LaunchPad brings together everything students need to prepare for class and exams, while giving you everything you need to quickly set up a course, create presentations and lectures, and assess understanding.

iClicker Reef

With iClicker Reef, our mobile response system, you can easily promote attendance, check student comprehension in class, and increase student engagement.

iClicker-Launchpad Integration

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Simply Connected

You can link your iClicker course to your LaunchPad course and quickly synchronize your students’ grades to LaunchPad. Benefits include:

Single sign on for students

Synchronized grades.

Students can see their overall iClicker score within their LaunchPad gradebook. (Students can view individual iClicker Cloud session scores and details via the REEF app.)

Synchronized LMS upload.

You’ll be able to send both your LaunchPad and iClicker scores into your learning management system in just one click.

Learn more about iClicker Cloud, LaunchPad, and how they can work together.