Affordable Solutions

College is expensive. Yet we know that education is the gateway to limitless opportunities. We are partnering with educators and institutions to ensure students can reach their fullest potential. At Macmillan Learning, we want to work with you and your students to spend less and get so much more. We’ve got what you need, no matter your budget. Based on the goals you are trying to achieve, whether for your course or your institution, we have a solution for you.

Digital Solutions

Designed to help your students achieve better outcomes, and delivered at an affordable price.

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Open Educational Resources

Want to take advantage of open resources: either those already on your campus or Open Educational Resources, like OpenStax?

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Curriculum Solutions

Customized, affordable solutions to meet your specifications

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Anytime, Anywhere Learning

Delivery options at the best value for you and your students

The Macmillan Learning Student Store

Students can get the best value for premium content at less-than-used book prices.

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Macmillan Learning Inclusive Access

Access to your class material for all of your students on Day 1.

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