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Fall 2018 Analysis - Proven Student Success - Testimonials

Fall 2018 Analysis

In the fall of 2018, we sent out a survey to all our Sapling users and nearly 300 instructors and nearly 12,000 students responded. We asked them the following statements with the option to agree, disagree, or be unsure. This is how many agreed:

From Instructors

Sapling Learning helped my students improve their knowledge of materials.

81% say “Yes!”

The time I invested in Sapling Learning
was worthwhile.

81% say “Yes!”

From Students

Sapling Learning was easy to use.

76.5% say “Yes!”

Proven Student Success

Dr. Marc Loudon of Purdue University found that organic chemistry students that mostly used Sapling Learning in their studies scored over 1 letter grade higher than those that did not. He also demonstrated that driven students who study with Sapling Learning and EOC questions performed better than students who studied with EOC questions alone. Similarly, students who did not use EOC questions but used Sapling Learning performed better than students who used neither. Read More»

Dr. Matt Liberatore of the Colorado School of Mines compared a section of his course integrating Sapling Learning homework with a section using Blackboard quizzes and suggested homework and found that his students credited Sapling Learning’s instructional feedback with helping them succeed on exams. His Sapling Learning students achieved twice as many A’s and 50% more B’s than the control section, and the proportion of students passing with a C or better improved from 72% to 92%. Read More »


From Instructors

“A no fuss homework system that gives students quick and accurate feedback on their learning. It is easy enough to use that students have few questions on the system and only questions on understanding the homework."
Jared Bowen, Brigham Young University, Idaho

From Students

"The ease of use compared to other programs I have used along with the helpful hints and explanations made this program the best homework program I have used."
Shawn Tarr, Ashland Community & Technical College

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