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The St. Martin's Guide to Teaching Writing

Cheryl Glenn; Melissa A. Goldthwaite

©2014Seventh EditionPaper TextISBN-13: 9781457622632

Multimodal Composition
A Critical Sourcebook

Claire Lutkewitte

©2014First EditionPaper TextISBN-13: 9781457615498

Teaching Developmental Writing
Background Readings

Susan Naomi Bernstein

©2013Fourth EditionPaper TextISBN-13: 9780312602512

Responding to Student Writers

Nancy Sommers

©2013First EditionPaper TextISBN-13: 9781457619342

The Bedford Bibliography for Teachers of Writing

Nedra Reynolds; Jay Dolmage; Patricia Bizzell; Bruce Herzberg

©2012Seventh EditionPaper TextISBN-13: 9780312643447

Writing Together
Collaboration in Theory and Practice

Andrea A Lunsford; Lisa Ede

©2012First EditionPaper TextISBN-13: 9780312601782

Between the Drafts
An Online Teaching Journal and Blog

Nancy Sommers

©2012First EditionInternet/OnlineISBN-13: 9781457617928

Bedford/St. Martin's Webinars

Bedford/St. Martin's

©2012First EditionInternet/OnlineISBN-13: 9781457619649

Teaching Study Strategies in Developmental Education
Readings on Theory, Research, and Best Practice

Russ Hodges; Michele L. Simpson; Norman Stahl

©2012First EditionPaper TextISBN-13: 9780312662745

Writing Across the Curriculum
A Critical Sourcebook

Terry Myers Zawacki; Paul M. Rogers

©2012First EditionPaper TextISBN-13: 9780312652586

The St. Martin's Sourcebook for Writing Tutors

Christina Murphy; Steve Sherwood

©2011Fourth EditionPaper TextISBN-13: 9780312661915

Second-Language Writing in the Composition Classroom
A Critical Sourcebook

Paul Kei Matsuda; Michelle Cox; Jay Jordan; Christina Ortmeier-Hooper

©2011First EditionPaper TextISBN-13: 9780312676421

Writing and Community Engagement
A Critical Sourcebook

Thomas Deans; Barbara Roswell; Adrian J. Wurr

©2010First EditionPaper TextISBN-13: 9780312562236

Style in Rhetoric and Composition
A Critical Sourcebook

Paul Butler

©2010First EditionPaper TextISBN-13: 9780312547332

Style in Rhetoric and Composition gathers essays that t .....[+]

From Theory to Practice
A Selection of Essays by Andrea Lunsford

Andrea A. Lunsford

©2009Third EditionInstructor ResourcesISBN-13: 9780312567293

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