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Pirates and Empire in the Seventeeth Century Atlantic -World

David Head

©2019e-Book AgencyISBN-13: 9781319233433

Witch Accusations in Seventeenth Century New England -U.S

Richard Godbeer

©2019e-Book AgencyISBN-13: 9781319233389

Sources of Populism in the 1890s-U.S.

Rebecca Edwards

©2018e-Book AgencyISBN-13: 9781319170493

The California Gold Rush: A Trans-Pacific Phenomenon-U.S

David Igler

©2016e-Book AgencyISBN-13: 9781319169756

The Social Impact of World War II-U.S.

Kenneth Grubb

©2016e-Book AgencyISBN-13: 9781319170486

The Juvenile Delinquency: The Comic Book Panic of the 1950s-U.S.

James Gilbert

©2018e-Book AgencyISBN-13: 9781319169558

Convict Labor and the Building of Modern America-U.S.

Talitha L. LeFlouria

©2018e-Book AgencyISBN-13: 9781319171452

Interpreting the Battle of Gettysburg-U.S.

Christopher Hamner

©2018e-Book AgencyISBN-13: 9781319191221

Louisa Casselle: Reconstructing a Life in the West-U.S

Paula Petrik

©2018e-Book AgencyISBN-13: 9781319170080

Sand Creek: Battle or Massacre?-U.S.

Elliott West

©2018e-Book AgencyISBN-13: 9781319170103

World War I Posters and the Culture of American Internationalism-U.S.

Julia F. Irwin

©2018e-Book AgencyISBN-13: 9781319170523

World War I and the Control of Sexually Transmitted Diseases-U.S.

Kathi Kern

©2018e-Book AgencyISBN-13: 9781319170530

Displaying 1-15 of 40