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Academic Skills & the Psychology Major

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Critical Thinking in Psychology and Everyday Life

D. Alan Bensley

©2018First EditionPaper TextISBN-13: 9781319063146

Collaboration in Psychological Science
Behind the Scenes

Richard Zweigenhaft; Eugene Borgida

©2017First EditionPaper TextISBN-13: 9781464175749

Worth Expert Guide to Scientific Literacy: Thinking Like a Psychological Scientist

Kenneth Keith; Bernard Beins

©2017First EditionPaper TextISBN-13: 9781319021429

The Psychology Major's Companion
Everything You Need to Know to Get Where You Want to Go

Dana Dunn: Jane S. Halonen

©2017First EditionPaper TextISBN-13: 9781319021436

Pursuing Human Strengths
A Positive Psychology Guide

Martin Bolt; Dana Dunn

©2016Second EditionPaper TextISBN-13: 9781319004484

The Critical Thinking Companion

Jane S. Halonen; Cynthia Gray

©2016Third EditionPaper TextISBN-13: 9781319030490

The Horse That Won't Go Away

Thomas Heinzen; Scott Lilienfeld; Susan Nolan

©2015First EditionPaper TextISBN-13: 9781464145742

Psychology and the Real World

FABBS Foundation; Morton Ann Gernsbacher; James R. Pomerantz

©2015Second EditionPaper TextISBN-13: 9781464173950

Displaying 1-8 of 8