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Why use FlipIt?

The teaching landscape is changing drastically. In 2014, Educause surveyed 10,000 plus undergraduate students at 200+ institutions about their technology experiences. These studies show that by a wide margin, students prefer a course that blends digital, textbook, and in-class components over a course that is exclusively text-, lecture-, or online-based. Bottom line students WANT a technology component in their course and FlipIt is a proven, affordable, and student loved option.


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Instructors who have tried to flip their classes know that one of the biggest challenges is finding time to curate videos, assessments, and lectures. FlipIt does this for you, saving you hours of time sifting through open resources or creating lecture videos. And the FlipIt platform makes it simple and easy to incorporate as much or as little of the flipped classroom model into a course as desired, without having to worry about the finding or creating the content.

"After two semesters of using FlipIt in Principles of Micro and Macro, I am delighted with the way it helps me tailor my classroom presentations to fit the needs of students."

Debbie Evercloud
University of Colorado Denver