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Case Studies

Solving the Bottleneck Issue at California State University- Fullerton

A bottleneck course is any course that impedes a student from progressing towards graduation. Bottlenecks arise for many reasons, including student readiness, high demand/scheduling, budget constraints, and facilities restrictions. The need to address the challenge posed by bottleneck courses was met with refreshing determination. Instructors in the chemistry department sought to redesign the non-majors chemistry course. With more students enrolled (or on the waiting list) than the lab facilities could accommodate, instructors opted for a hybrid solution. Lab Implementation In the redesigned intro chemistry course, students split time 50/50 between the on-campus wet lab and Late Nite Labs’ digital simulations. With a blended solution for this course, administrators are able to allow more students to register for the course without burdening campus facilities. Reducing bottleneck courses through the use of innovative online technologies to promote student success programs is a win-win for both students and the university.

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“My students find the flexibly of performing LNL labs at their convenience and the ability to repeat the lab invaluable. By using LNL labs with my wet labs, I have cut my chemical use in half. This is great for both budgetary and the environmental concerns.”

— Jonathan Pharr, InstructorLenoir Community College

"Late Nite Labs blends sophisticated online science simulations with customized laboratory experiments. It has enhanced learning and provided flexibility for thousands of faculty and students in our system.”

— Katherine H. Davis, Distance Learning Specialist North Carolina Community College System

"Late Nite Labs is easy to navigate and gives my non-major students a realistic lab experience. Majors can use it as a pre-lab exercise as well. I would recommend it to anyone."

— Wheeler Conover, Chief Academic OfficerSoutheast Kentucky Community And Technical College

"Since Late Nite Labs provides labs for chemistry and physics, Bevill State Community College is now able to offer a completely online Physical Science course for our students."

— Teresa L. Johnson, General Education Campus Chair Bevill State Community College