Achieve Read & Practice is the marriage of our LearningCurve adaptive quizzing and our mobile, accessible e-book, in one easy-to-use and affordable product.

Ease of use for both students and instructors.

Students come to class having read and are more prepared.

Instructors are able to use analytics to intervene and adjust when necessary.

Students course performance improves.

Easy to use

As the instructor, you select the book you want to use. Then you decide which chapters and sections you want students to work with first, and when. Assign those sections.

Students come to class prepared

Students will then read the ebook and answer some adaptive quiz questions. If they do well on a topic, then they are all set. If there are topics where they struggle, they are encouraged to re-read the material and answer a few short quiz questions.

Students have better performance and instructors can see key analytics.

Instructors can see all this work in the gradebook, noting which students are struggling or which topics are confusing. This information can then be used to change class discussion or to reach out to particular students.

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