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What students are saying about Achieve Read & Practice                     

In fall of 2017, we began testing out Achieve Read & Practice with instructors and students in varied educational contexts and collected more than 600 data points from instructors and students. Instructors and students report that Read & Practice is easy to use, that it keeps students on track with their reading, that instructors access analytics to monitor student progress, and that Read & Practice supports student academic success.

100% of instructors & 97% of students

said Read & Practice was easy to use

“Read & Practice is the easiest tool of its kind…once set up, it runs itself.”

— Psychology instructor


of students said that it helped them remain on track with their reading

“It helped me stay on task with my reading and keep up with what was going on in class.”

— Psychology student


of instructors said they used the analytics to intervene when they saw students falling behind in their reading

“The biggest benefit for the instructor is the analytics. I have never had such insight into how individual students were progressing, two students in particular I know I caught and helped before it was too late”

— Psychology instructor


of students said retaking quizzes in Read & Practice helped them prepare for their exams

“Last semester I hardly got a B for my psychology class, because it was hard to understand the assignments. While this semester [using Read & Practice] I had an A throughout the course.”

— Psychology student

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