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The entire core of economics principles covered without extraneous topics or material
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1. Exploring Economics
2. Production, Economic Growth, and Trade
3. Supply and Demand
4. Markets and Government 
5. Elasticity  
6. Consumer Choice and Demand  
7. Production and Costs  
8. Perfect Competition  
9. Monopoly  
10. Monopolistic Competition, Oligopoly, and Game Theory  
11. The Labor Market 
12. Land, Capital Markets, and Innovation  
13. Externalities and Public Goods  
14. Network Goods
15. Poverty and Income Distribution  
16. Introduction to Macroeconomics
17. Measuring Inflation and Unemployment
18. Economic Growth  
19. Aggregate Expenditures
20. Aggregate Demand and Supply  
21. Fiscal Policy and Debt 
22. Saving, investment, and the Financial System  
23. Money Creation and the Federal Reserve  
24. Monetary Policy
25. Macroeconomic Policy: Challenges in a Global Economy
26. International Trade
27.Open Economy Macroeconomics