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Bedford x-Books

What do you want in your x-book? Bedford’s newest online textbooks include video, audio, and activities—and that’s just the beginning. We’ve made it simple for teachers to add their own pages, documents, links, and assignments, and to drag and drop the contents to match the way they teach. We’ve made it seamless for students to do their classwork and talk to each other, right in the book. And we’ve made it easy to see who’s done what and what’s coming up, so everyone stays on the same page. Request a demo—at roughly half the cost of the print text, you can’t afford not to explore how an x- book could work for your class.

Bedford e-Books

Do more and pay less with a Bedford e-Book—roughly half the cost of the print book and available wherever and whenever you're online. With a robust search engine, navigation tools, easy ways to take and share notes, and interactive exercises, Bedford e-Books support focused reading and studying. And with fast ways to rearrange chapters and add new pages, sections, or links, Bedford e-Books let teachers build just the right book for their course. Find your discipline below and take a tour of the e-books we offer.

Bedford e-Books to Go

Download a Bedford e-Book to Go—for roughly half the cost of the print text—to your laptop or other device and you’ll always know where you put your book. These PDF-style e-books match our print books page for page and have been optimized for use on your Windows or Mac computer, iPad, or large-screen Android tablet.

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e-Book Partners

Students can also find PDF versions of our books when they shop online at our publishing partners sites. To learn how our e-book choices stack up feature by feature, check out our handy e-book comparison chart.

CourseSmart e-Books

We've partnered with CourseSmart to make many of our books available as a CourseSmart e-book, which offers page fidelity, highlighting, and notetaking. Students choose whether to download the e-book to access it from one machine or purchase the online version to access it from many. For more information visit their Web site at http://www.coursesmart.com.

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Barnes & Noble NOOKStudy

We've partnered with Barnes & Noble to make many of our books available through NOOKStudy, an e-textbook application for PC & Mac computers. For more information visit their Web site at http://www.barnesandnoble.com/nookstudy.

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Follett CafeScribe

CafeScribe is Follett's digital textbook offering that provides students with the ability to read, highlight, take notes, share notes, and search and sort content. The CafeScribe platform offers Snap Summary, a one-click way to summarize all notes and highlights, creating a custom study guide in seconds. CafeScribe is intuitive, easy to use and offers a great reading and studying experience allowing students and faculty anywhere, anytime access to their course materials. For more information visit their Web site at http://www.cafescribe.com.

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Chegg, the social education platform, is transforming the way millions of students learn by connecting them to the people and tools needed to succeed in college. Chegg offers an eTextbook option with tens of thousands of titles available online—software free. Students can highlight, copy, take notes and print as well as preview available eTextbooks while they wait for their physical book to arrive through the 'Read While You Wait' program. For more information visit their Web site at http://www.chegg.com.

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For more information visit their Web site at http://www.kno.com.

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