Created by and for educators, Sapling Learning online homework drives student success with one-on-one educator support and time-saving tools.

With Sapling Learning, every problem counts; student get wrong answer-specific feedback with nearly every problem so they learn from correct and incorrect answers. In addition, we strive to provide a product where instructors and students always get superior service and support, based around Macmillan’s legendary high quality content. It also offers opportunities for instructors and students to provide feedback to us to continually improve this educational product.

Client Success Specialist

We match educators with a Sapling Learning Client Success Specialist— a dedicated platform expert— who provides ongoing collaboration, software expertise, and consulting to tailor each course to fit your instructional goals and course needs.

Diverse, Thoughtful Questions

Multiple question types--such as clickable area, ranking, sorting, labeling, multiple choice, multiple select, graphing, and numeric entry--enhance student engagement and critical thinking skills.


Nearly every problem include hints that encourage critical thinking by providing suggestions for completing the problem without giving away the answer.


Questions include wrong-answer specific feedback targeted to students’ misconceptions.


Fully worked out solutions are available with every question in order to reinforce concepts and provide an in-product study guide.

Works with Any Book

We have course templates that will allow you to easily use Sapling with a non-Macmillan Learning text, such as a book from OpenStax or any other publisher.


The gradebook allows you to assess student understanding of the material presented and help out as needed.

iClicker Cloud Integration

Offering both single sign on and gradebook integration, this integration allows students to see, in one spot, how their iClicker Cloud, Macmillan’s personal classroom response system, results are impacting their whole course grade. Learn More

LMS Integration

If you’re interested in LMS Integration, see what Sapling Learning can do for you.