Created by and for educators, Sapling Learning online homework drives student success with one-on-one educator support and time-saving tools.

Spring 2017 Analysis

In the spring of 2017, we asked over 500 instructors and over 14,500 students what they thought about Sapling Learning’s online homework system. Here’s how they responded.

From Instructors

Sapling Learning helped my students improve their knowledge of materials.

84% say “Yes!”

The time I invested in Sapling Learning
was worthwhile.

88% say “Yes!”

Sapling Learning was a valuable asset for student study and review.

79% say “Yes!”

Sapling Learning increased student engagement and preparedness.

79% say “Yes!”

Sapling Learning saved me time.

81% say “Yes!”

From Students

Sapling Learning increased my engagement with the course content.

88% say “Yes!”

Sapling Learning was easy to use.

79% say “Yes!”