Created by and for educators, Sapling Learning online homework drives student success with one-on-one educator support and time-saving tools.


From Instructors

"I also wanted to say that your Client Success Specialist, Carl, is fantastic. Having that level and quality of support makes all the difference!"

Robert Geller, University of California, Santa Barbara

"I was just impressed by how many students worked on getting the right answers, instead of just giving up. When they had paper homework they would do the problem once and cross their fingers."

Kendra Haney, Porterville College

 "A no fuss homework system that gives students quick and accurate feedback on their learning. It is easy enough to use that students have few questions on the system and only questions on understanding the homework."

Jared Bowen, Brigham Young University, Idaho

"A cost-effective and time-saving way to provide challenging homework assignments with robust, instant feedback to students."

Dionne Miller, LaGuardia Community College

"Sapling Learning is a science instructor's tool — built by a science instructor —professionally organized and maintained with benefits to both students and instructors."

Gail Grabner, University of Texas at Austin

"This product gives students immediate feedback in terms of helpful hints, additional explanations, tutorials, worked out solutions and multiple attempts. If a student is willing to try and invest the time needed, he/she will be rewarded for his/her efforts."

Kristine Miller, Anne Arundel Community College

"I wanted to let you know that the editor for writing and editing questions is FABULOUS! I love it; it’s so easy to use!"

Professor Kara Tierney, Monroe Community College

"Folks are loving Sapling here at Clark. Just really pleased students and faculty. Can't say enough good things - and we're a tough crowd to please."

Dr. Karl Bailey, Clark College

"The support your group has provided has been excellent and I think working with an independent online homework provider is the way to go."

From Students

"They have a very fast support team, and I was very impressed on how fast they replied. Thank you Sapling Learning!"

Hyun Kim, University of Texas Pan American

"I liked using Sapling because I knew exactly what answers I got wrong at that moment and why. I also once I was finished I was able to go back to the questions and see the solutions."

Karen Martinez, SUNY Cortland

"I like Sapling Learning because its challenging nature kept me engaged and dedicated to the material."

Lance Tuckruskye, Hofstra University

"The ease of use compared to other programs I have used along with the helpful hints and explanations made this program the best homework program I have used."

Shawn Tarr, Ashland Community & Technical College

"It gave me a chance to apply the things I learned in lecture to actual problems. Doing multiple problems and having some good feed back also made remembering things for tests easier."

Renee Massa, Jamestown Community College

"The layout was beautiful, the hints and tutorials were always very helpful, and it was very easy to enter in answers. The links to common reference tables needed for each problem was also nice. The titration feature was awesome."

Katherine Slinn, Brigham Young University

"I liked how it was accessible from any computer so I didn't have to carry around my textbook. It was also very easy to understand and navigate."

Julia Ford, University or Oregon

"I liked the multiple chances that I got with barely any penalty and the hints that sapling gave after getting a question wrong.  It helped me to understand what I was doing wrong and helped me to not make the same mistake on an exam or quiz.  Compared to other online programs that my friends are taking/have taken I really do like Sapling Learning.  The organization and content are awesome!  I really enjoyed my experience with Sapling and it truly did help me in learning course material."

Samatha Hayes, University of Colorado, Colorado Springs