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Majors Introductory Biology

Sapling Learning biology offers questions that teach both simple (e.g. labeling parts of a cell) and complex biological topics (e.g. mitosis). Our questions are designed using a variety of engaging problem types and modules that are relevant to a typical biology course and are interesting to students. The variety includes clickable area, drop down, graphing, labeling, molecular drawing, multiple choice, multiple selection, numeric entry, ranking and sorting.

Our general and introductory biology product also features a new learning resource: interactives. These open-ended exercises can be manipulated by instructors and students to teach topics that students find most challenging.

Try out some of Sapling Learning's Majors Introductory Biology live problems:

Food Web

Predicting Trends in Data

Phospholipid Bilayer Properties

Interpretation of Pedigree Symbols

Osmosis and Red Blood Cells in Different Solutions

Summer Drake, MS

Kent State University, General & Introductory Biology

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