Survey of Economics

David A. Anderson

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    SaplingPlus combines powerful multimedia resources with an integrated e-Book and the robust problem library of Sapling Learning, creating an extraordinary new learning resource for students. Pre-class tutorials and bridge questions ensure students come prepared to class. Online homework helps students get better grades with targeted instructional feedback tailored to the individual and intuitive graphing questions. And SaplingPlus saves instructors time preparing for and managing a course by providing personalized support from a PhD or Master’s level colleague trained in Sapling’s system.

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  • SaplingPlus Features

    Pre-Lecture Tutorials
    Pre-Lecture Tutorials foster basic understanding of core economic concepts before students ever set foot in class. Developed by two pioneers in active-learning methods—Eric Chiang, Florida Atlantic University, and José Vazquez, University of Illinois at Urbana–Champaign—this resource is part of the SaplingPlus learning path. Students watch Pre-Lecture videos and complete Bridge Question assessments that prepare them to engage in class. Instructors receive data about student comprehension that can inform their lecture preparation.

    LearningCurve Adaptive Quizzing
    LearningCurve Adaptive Quizzing is embraced by students and instructors alike. This incredibly popular and effective adaptive quizzing engine offers individualized question sets and feedback tailored to each student based on correct and incorrect responses. Questions are hyperlinked to relevant e-Book sections, encouraging students to read and use the resources at hand to enrich their understanding.

    Powerful multi-step graphing questions paired with helpful feedback guide students through the process of problem solving. Students are asked to demonstrate their understanding by simply clicking, dragging, and dropping a line to a predetermined location. The graphs have been designed so that students’ entire focus is on moving the correct curve in the correct direction, virtually eliminating grading issues for instructors.