• Becoming a College Writer: The Students' Voice

    Interested in hearing the voices of students who use Todd Taylor's multimedia text? See how this group of diverse students has become part of a community of confident, insightful writers.

  • An Innovative Multimedia Text Shaped by the Voices of Students

    Based on 100 interviews with students who had recently finished first-year writing, Todd Taylor’s groundbreaking multimedia text is shaped by student writers like no other textbook before. Their words and voices—in brief videos and example texts—create a conversation about writing that asks students to engage with other college writers personally, learning from their challenges and successes. Conceived as a multimedia text in LaunchPad from the outset, the brief, modular chapters are organized into four parts that support the best practices and content areas in the CWPA Outcomes Statement — Rhetoric, Context, Process, and Convention — so that you and your students have just what you need in one resource to support writing, working with sources, and multimodal composing.

    Students will relate to the struggles and successes of their peers, like Nanaissa from Michigan State:

    “You can’t say ‘just write it and it’s gonna work.’ You have to try it and check if it fits. And if it fails, just start it again. If you want to do it seriously, it’s a lot of work — it’s thinking about every word you write, every time you write.”

    As reviewer Renee Field of Moberly Area Community College notes, these students “look like, talk like, and have insecurities just like my students do. It's different to hear things from a peer, even a ‘virtual’ one, than it is to hear the teacher say ‘lots of students do this or feel that...’ by the end of the text, these students seem like classmates, almost—part of a writing community.”