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  • Rob Lue on How Life Works’ Visual Framework

    The Biology: How Life Works, Second Edition visual framework consists of:

    • High quality images and figures that help students learn individual concepts.
    • Twelve Visual Synthesis Figures: powerful, two-page spreads that help students connect concepts across chapters using individual images students have already encountered.
    • Ten Visual Synthesis Maps: zoomable, interactive versions of the Visual Synthesis Figures that help students explore concepts and connections, and provide instructors with an engaging lecture tool.

    Rob Lue on Second Edition Updates to Visuals and Media

    • New Visual Synthesis Figure and Maps on the Flow of Matter and Energy Through Ecosystems
    • New Visual Synthesis Map and Video on Viruses
    • New Visual Synthesis Map on Cellular Communities integrating two 3-D animations

    Resources in the 2e LaunchPad

    Explore some of the visual media available in LaunchPad.