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    Macmillan Learning Curriculum Solutions can help transform your Anatomy and Physiology course by delivering unique course solutions.

    Professionally publish your own content
    Borrow some scientific illustrations and written content from the Hayden-McNeil content collection to supplement what you have already written 

    We can help you realize your vision of relevant and affordable course materials in print and digital formats. 

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    Custom Lab Manuals and Techniques Guides
    Custom Textbooks
    Online Course  
    Course Website
    Interactive Digital Learning Objects

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    Hayden McNeil Content Collection

        HMCC AP          Hayden-McNeil Content Collection is where you can access 1,000's of scientific illustrations, photos, interactive learning objects and written content to help develop your anatomy course materials. 

    Coloring Activities

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      Coloring Activities:  Choose coloring Activities to complement your course and integrate them into your lab manual or build your own custom coloring book.  

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