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    Exploring Psychology, Ninth Edition with Updates on DSM-5, by David G. Myers

    Professor Jeffrey Aspelmeier was a long-time user of a competitor's psychology text, making this a rather difficult takeaway. After agreeing to review Exploring Psychology in Modules, Jeff was impressed by Myers' coverage of consciousness and drugs, opening him to the possibility of switching texts. By customizing, we were able to remove the content that was not used in his PSYC 121 course, add pages to familiarize students with the department and course policies, and provide students with resources to track their grades throughout the semester. Our competitive pricing and quality of service has kept Jeff a loyal adopter since 2008, even after his decision in 2011 to switch from the modular text to the chapter version of Exploring Psychology. The Radford University custom edition is revised annually to give students the most up-to-date information, keep pricing competitive, and ensure a high-quality product every time.

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