• History

    Macmillan Learning Curriculum Solutions

    Macmillan Learning Curriculum Solutions can help transform your History course by delivering unique course solutions.

    Personalize one of our renowned textbooks
    Assign and personalize content from our digital collections
    Professionally publish your own content
    Borrow some Bedford/St. Martin's content to supplement what you have already written

    We can help you realize your vision of relevant and affordable course materials in print and digital formats.

    Stayer Ways of the World 4e       Hunt The Making of the West 6e       Hewitt Exploring American Histories 3e           Personalized Textbooks
    Personalized Digital Collections
    Personalized Online Course
    Course Website

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    Bedford Tutorials for History

    Bedford Tutorials - access our collection of brief units that guide your students through the basic skills needed for success in their history course.  Each tutorial is 16 pages long and is loaded with examples.  Add your own original content with Bedford Tutorials to create the ideal history textbook.

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    Bedford Document Collections

    Bedford Document Collections is an online repository of curated document projects-each written by a historian about a favorite topic. Instructors can assign any combination of projects and they can personalize the content by adding their own sources and instructions.

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    Bedford Select for History

    Personalized. Flexible. Affordable. Our Bedford Select for History dynamic database makes it easy to put together the ideal set of materials for your course. Choose the chapters, documents, topics, and skills-based tutorials you want-and add your own resources as well. You'll get materials that match up directly with the way you want to teach-while asking students to only pay for the content that will be assigned.

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